Metalworking enterprise “Bulhim – AD” was established in 1890 as a textile company. In 1950 was converted into a factory for spare parts in the textile industry. Since 1995 it is a 100% private capital. Located at the exit of the town of Sliven, the road to Veliko Tarnovo. Covers an area of ​​150 decare, on which are manufacturing and warehouse buildings with an area of ​​about 20 000 square meters and continues the construction of new production and warehouse space.

Production activity of the “Bulhim”:

  • Casting of iron, steel and non-ferrous metal alloy. Capacity of casting: 600 tones per year of non-ferrous alloy with induction furnace and with the exact composition of the alloys.

  • Production of castings from iron, spheroidal cast iron (EN 1563) and steels alloys

  • Method of molding – with synthetic sand-bentonite mixture cash in flask forming and press molding

  • Mould core and steel castings is made in the method “cool box” and fast-drying mixtures with CO2

For the needs of the plants for machine tools “Bulhim” manufactures various body parts – spindle, feeder (gear-box), support and other boxes, sleds, lunette

– total 300 positions.

We design and manufacture model equipment from aluminum and wood for parts of units and facilities in the engineering.