Production activity of “Bulhim”


Casting and manufacturing of various types castings

 Castings from various type irons:

1.Grey cast iron from Grey cast iron 20 to Grey cast iron 40-60 (En 1561) GJL 100-350.

2. High strength iron with speroidal graphite cast iron from  High strength iron 38-17 to High strength iron 120-4 (EN 1563).

3.Malleable cast iron

4.Alloyed cast irons

Castings from various type steel:
Molding methods

Castings from various type steel:

Carbon steel with different contents of carbon

Alloyed and High Alloyed Steels.

Castings from alloys on aluminum and copper base

The alloys melted in induction furnaces as the largest furnace with a capacity of 2600 kg

Unit weight of the produced castings from 1 to 2600 kg and maximum dimensions to 2000 mm.

Molding methods

  1. With sand bentonite mixture – flask in flaks
  2. With self-concretionary plastic mixtures
  3. fast-drying mixtures with CO2
  4. Mould core – “cool box”, “hot box”, pep set.

Mechanical processing

The company “Bulhim – AD” has a machining workshop, which is equipped with lathes, drills and other specialized machines.


An assembly workshop

“Bulhim-EAD” produced various welded structures including tanks, cisterns

and others.

The company has a modern equipped laboratory for physical chemical and

mechanical indices

We design and manufacture model equipment ...
We design and manufacture model equipment ...

We design and manufacture model equipment , by means of various methods

for  spare parts units and facilities in the engineering and other industries.

The company manufactures various parts for the needs of the plants for the

production of metal processing machines with general over 400 positions,

including various types case details – spindle, servo, support and other boxes,

sleds, steady rests and more; We produce many other types of castings for all

industries and households.

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